Reverse engineering WeGrill bluetooth BBQ thermometer


(sudo gatttool -b 04:A3:16:xx:xx:xx -t public --listen --char-write-req -a 0x000f -n 0100 --char-write-req -a 0x0013 -n 09ff0000 --char-write-req -a 0x0013 -n 12000001) | awk -n '{t = sprintf ("%d", "0x"$NF); if (t !=x) {x=t; printf "%d\r", x}}'

Using OpenWRT on old laptop for ADSL (Dutch KPN provider) without double NAT'ing

lan port should be green, WAN port read, they resemble the firewall zones.
The mac address of the tuner should be ignored by OpenWRT


I was switched from ADSL to VDSL. I can verify that once this happens, the "tricks" below do not work anymore with the Arcadyan ( Experiabox V8 ) router. Internally the router has 2 virtual interfaces, one for ADSL and one for VDSL. It seems that the PPPoE frames are still switched over the ADSL virtual interface, instead of over the VDSL interface.

tac_plus with Active Directory backend


  1. Have winbind working, i.e. `wbinfo -u` gives valid AD output
  2. Have winbind working with PAM, i.e. `getent passwd` gives a combined view of local and AD users in passwd format
  3. Solution is geared towards Debian, however you should be able use these instructions to get it working on non-debian distros

The problem

tac_plus can work with PAM backend, however:

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